Cyberpunk 2077 1.6 Version
Main Quest – THE RESCUE
Speed tip article

★I’m a Korean. So, I set the screenshots and videos to be Korean-related

This is the first quest you will encounter.
I’ll also introduce the video at the end!
If you just want to see the video, please scroll down.
Difficulty set to Hard.

Get ahead of Jackie if you want to speed up the game.
and If growth is your priority, it’s best to kill enemy all yourself for experience point.
There are ways to kill the enemy with assassination during the mission,
but I personally recommend killing the enemy to increase the perks of the gun.


You’ll have to identify this body first before moving quickly to the next room.
checked once.


Open the door and move to the front of the enemy.
Even if you don’t stealth, you can get close and catch it. (Refer to the video)
And it’s good to kill the enemies you catch.
Doing so will increase your experience points.


Then go to the place where you need to hide until the place.
Likewise, when moving to here, You can’t be seen even if you don’t stealth.(Refer to the video)
Go past it, use stealth and pick up the item.


Stealth and wait for the enemy to cross over to the other side.
Use stealth to follow enemies slowly.
If you kill one of them, Jackie will subdue the other.


An item dropped by an enemy I killed (the one on the right).
Clothes dropped with random probability.
The defense of this suit is higher than that of the armor I am wearing.
Defense is very important in 1.6v
Until the second half, you have to give up your decorating and focus on your defense.
Later, in Phantom Liverty, the defense changes from clothing to cyberware.
you can wear it right away if you press R. put it on right away.


And the enemy Jackie overpowered is not dead.
If you punch the enemy to death,


you can see my experience points go up. The amount is small, but I recommend you take care of it!
The gun I’m basically have is a single pistol, but Lexington is a multiple pistol.
It’s a pistol that you can use comfortably in this mission.


And keep stealth, use ‘Reboot Optics’ after ‘Breach Protocol’ to enemy corresponding to Screenshot (carrying an AR gun). Also, this enemy is good at shooting


And kill the enemy in front of you first.
This enemy use either the ‘Igla’ or ‘Satara’ shotgun.
and It is impossible to assassinate this enemy.
Kill him with a gun.
After killing this enemy, I used the shotgun I got from the enemy.
The shotgun is strong and good in the first half!


I picked up ‘Satara’
Similarly, it can be worn immediately when the [R] Key is pressed.
and Damage is stronger in ‘igla’.


And please run to the enemy who used the hack and get rid of it first!


You can pick up this gun and use it with a shotgun or a pistol.
Kill the rest of the enemy with a comfortable gun.


And there’s usually a boss in the next room who uses a heavy machine gun.
It’s very powerful. Be careful.
If you hit the enemy boss, the enemy boss runs away to the next room.


There’s also a way to hack the fleeing enemy’s boss in advance.
And the enemy fled to the next room,
The enemy fires a gun on the wall and breaks it.


If you’ve killed all your enemies, take the spoils and proceed with the story.


There are subsequent vehicle battles.


If you lack physical strength, you may die in a car battle.
Please recover your stamina before you get in the car.


‘Lexington’ is also easy to use for vehicle combat.
Lastly, if you kill the driver, the battle of this quest is complete.

I will also post a link to the YouTube video.

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